Video Chat Help

Icons used in video chat:
- Male - Female - Couple
  - webcam on   - webcam blocked   - Mic on*
  - Password protected private room
*Mic icon will show up if you have a sound card in you system

General Tips:
To see or hear someone on webcam double click the username in userlist to open wecam window.
To go to a different room click the room name in the room list.
Rooms with lock icon infront of their name are private(password protected) rooms.
To send private message, select username from userlist and select Private Msg. before sending a message.
You can create a public or private(password protected) room by clicking the create room above room list.
Frequently asked questions(FAQs)
Nobody can see my video but I have a webcam on.

Make sure that your webcam is connected properly and is working. Click Settings button and under Audio/Video select the webcam name. If you are sending video on a Messenger, NetMeeting, or another video chat program then the video chat can not access the webcam. Try stopping other program using your webcam and try logging in again to the video chat.

Nobody can see me and i am not even using my webcam with any other software.

Please check that you are not using any special character(Like a semi-colan, percentace sign, dot etc) in your nick name. Please only use letters and numbers in your nick name.

I can't see anyone.

Logout by hitting "logout" at the top right of the chat and close the browser window. Log back on and try again. Be sure you are viewing users whow are having webcam enabled.

How do I send audio?

Click the Mic check box under your video to send your audio. You can uncheck it when you don't want your audio to be sent to others in chat

The video looks slow and blocky.

It can happen if you or the user whom you are viewing is having a slow internet connection.

How can i ignore someone's messages.

Select the user in userlist and Click the ignore button.

How will i come to know if some one sent me a private message.

The private message will appear with "(P)" appended to username who has sent you the private message.

I have clicked the ignore button for a user. How to un-ignore the user.

To unignore the user click the username in userlist and press the ignore button again.

Wrong video source is selected or i have multiple webcams and I want to use my other video source/webcam.

Click Settings button and select audio/video to change your video source. Similarly you can change the audio source if required.

I am having echo of my sound.How can i reduce the echo.

Please use headphones instead of big speakers or try keeping the volume of speakers on lower side.